Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Winner Take All

  BOOK REVIEW:        With the powerful mix of taut legal suspense and refined stroytelling that earned him widespread critical accleaim for THE GREAT DIVIDE, T. Davis Bunn returns with a story of international intrigue involving a missing child and an embattled father who will stop at nothing to get her back.
        A year after his stunning legal victory over the nefarious New Horizons corporation, Marcus Glenwood is slowly getting back on his feet in North Carolina--rebuilding his legal practice and tending to his deepening relationship with Kirsten Stanstead. Then Marcus gets an unexpected visit and a plea for help from Dale Steadman, the new CEO of New Horizons. Steadman's one-year-old daughter has been kidnapped by his ex-wife, the renowned opera diva Erin Brandt, and he fears she will harm the infant. Marcus agrees to take the case, ignoring his instincts against being involved with the chief of a company that once tried to have him killed.
       Plunged into a media circus as Erin Brandt goes on the offensive, Marcus and Kirsten are soon drawn into a much darker side of this seemingly straighforward case. Increasingly unsure whether they can trust their own client, they suddenly find themselves the target of someone's deadly attempst to prevent them from following the kidnaper's trail.
      Crackling with fierce courtroom battles, memorable characters, and breathtaking international backdrops from the American South to London to Germany, WINNER TAKE ALL navigates a trail of multilayered suspense to its truly gripping conclusion.

MY REVIEW:        WINNER TAKE ALL is the third book in the Marcus Glenwood series. I have read the first book, THE GREAT DIVIDE, but not the second one, DRUMMER IN THE DARK.
      WINNER TAKE ALL is a story of kidnapping, courtroom wars, and unexpected twists. Dale Steadman's ex-wife, opera diva Erin Brandt, returns to town, only to kidnap their infant daughter. In a last desperate move, Dale asks the famous Marcus Glenwood to take his case. Unfortunately, Erin has returned to Germany, where custody cases are infamously hard to win. As Marcus and his fiance, Kirsten Stanstead, get closer to winning, they begin to suspect that more is at play here. Marcus is nearly killed by a bomb on a yacht. Kirsten is attacked by a vile-smelling man when following Erin in Germany. The both of them are captured and left to die. Yet they manage to survive and discover what is really going on. The earlier break-in at Dale's house was for another purpose. Erin's reasons for leaving her daughter in a convent were not what everyone supposed. And Dale's best-friend-turned-enemy is capable of so much more than anyone can imagine.
      I really enjoyed this book. (I have yet to read a T. Davis Bunn book that I haven't enjoyed). I hope you all like it as well as I did.

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