Tuesday, August 9, 2016

She is Mine

  My Grandma loaned this book to me. I wasn't sure I would enjoy it, but I ended up reading it cover to cover without stopping. I am not a real big fan of biographies or autobiographies, but Stephanie wrote in the third person, which I really liked.
  Stephanie was born to an Asian mother and an American father. Her father was a soldier, and didn't know she was even born. Her mother's family never accepted her, since she had mixed blood. When Stephanie was five years old, her mother put her on the train, and told her that her uncle would be waiting for her. But there was noone there. She decided to follow the tracks back to her village and find her mother. This book details her journey. She had to steal for food, and was caught and punished for it several times. The other children hated her also for looking different. Finally, she was found by an American nurse and sent to the clinic. After that she was put into an orphanage, and eventually adopted.

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