Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Puritans

    The Puritans by Jack Cavanaugh is the first in a series. My mom saw this book at the library and thought I might like it. This is an era that I really don't enjoy reading about, but this book wasn't too bad.
    Drew (Andrew) Morgan has never pleased his parents, who where trying to be the epitome of society. During a reception at the king's palace, Drew wanders off, only to be discovered hiding in a suit of armor. Bishop Laud, the secong most powerful man in the country, is drawn to him, and invites Drew to stay with him in London.
    Bishop Laud has a deep hatred for Puritans, and he employs a band of men who seek out traitors to the crown. Drew is trained to do the same, and has many successes.
   Then, his next assignment lands him in the home of a Puritan curate and his two daughters. Drew is supposed to identify the curate as the infamous Justin, who prints illigal pamphlets. However, he falls in love with one of his daughters, and becomes attached to their faith. When he finally discovers that the curate is indeed Justin, he has a very difficult choice to make.
    But there are factors in play that Drew is not aware of. His choice may not affect anything.

The era of Puritans is not one I enjoy. I couldn't tell you why; I simply don't like to read about it. Maybe because they are always being hunted down and persecuted. However,this book focused on a different angle. I enjoyed the way Cavanaugh wrote, despite his subject, and I think I will enjoy the rest of his series, An American Family Portrait.

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